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Contactless menu & Website for own delivery
Turnkey solution in 48 hours
Save up to $5,000 on web & app development
Integration with IIKO, R-Keeper, Poster, Stripe
Keep all customer data in one place
Order at the table
Choice Helps Your Restaurant Earn More and Grow
Cost Reduction
Income Growth
Convenience and Safety
Convenient navigation and recommendation banners allow visitors to see all the varieties of dishes. Plus, with the reorder feature, guests will place more orders and pay without a waiter.
Guests Order More
Expand sales channels, deliver food to customers, and prepare take-outs. Make customers loyal to your business.
Profit From Delivery and Pickup
You collect customer data with every order. It allows you to see your regular customers order history, their favorite dishes, and much more.

You can also keep notes such as birthdays, special dates, discounts, etc.
All Your Customers in One Place
Receive feedback in the Telegram bot or set text message notifications and respond immediately. Reviews reduce the risk of guests "taking out" the negative on social networks.

So, you can resolve the issue and turn the client into a fan of your brand.
More Positive Reviews and Visitors
You don't need to pay for each change. You simply make changes and create new positions in three clicks.
Savings on Printing Paper Menus and Creating PDFs
Accept orders for food delivery and save on commissions up to 30%-40%.
Savings on Third-Party Commissions
The contactless menu from Choice can completely replace your venue’s website. You don't need to spend thousands of dollars on development.
Savings on Website Development
Waiters will spend less time serving customers. Guests scan the QR code and see photos, prices, and descriptions of dishes. Finally, they can order directly from smartphones.
Staff Optimization
Turnkey Solution for You!
We'll prepare everything you need to go digital in 48 hours. Talk to sales and get ready Choice for your venue.
Your visitors can order dishes without waiters regardless of their workload.
Guests Don't Need to Wait for Service Staff
Collect reservations for your venue online or by phone in one system. You won't lose a single client even if a line would be busy.
Table reservations
The contactless menu is translated into 99 languages. Foreign tourists can easily choose dishes without waiters.
Comfortable Ordering for Foreigners
All orders are accounted for in the POS system. All data is stored in the client's card, so you can see all of the details in one place.
POS integration
Visitors with a busy schedule can choose and order food on their way to the restaurant, which helpsthem save time.
Pre-order Feature
Integration with Poster, R-keeper and IIKO
Choice Cares About the Success
 of Your Venue
Easy to Manage
You use a convenient admin panel where you can add, edit, or remove dishes in a few minutes.
Matches Your Style
Choose the colors you want, upload a photo of the venue, and post links to social networks in a few clicks.
Link Usage
Guests don't need to download the app. They scan the QR code or enter the website address in the browser.
Reduce costs and increase profits like 6,500 other owners from Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia and all world
More than 6,500 satisfied users of ChoiceQR
Owner of Trend
Booking automatisation saves a lot of admin’s time and facilitates more reservations in general. Guests receive table confirmation, they even can be sent reminders. Now we have a lot busier restaurant.
General Manager of MARRIOTT
If you list all the costs and commissions of the delivery when it’s done by the aggregator or any contractors, the numbers are impressive. Own delivery from Choice will allow you to receive up to 50% more profit.
Co-founder of VAPIANO
During the pandemic and lockdown ‘delivery and pickup’ is one of the key solutions to keep running a network of establishments, give people jobs, and continue doing our favorite thing.
More than 6,500 satisfied users of ChoiceQR
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A convenient service for guests and waiters
A ready-made restaurant website with a contactless menu, QR code order at the table, and delivery
The ability to significantly reduce costs and start earning more